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A0030 A Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter Comprising Si Submodules and SiC Submodules with Its Specialized Capacitor Voltage Balancing Strategy View Play
A0042 Auxiliary Motor Drive Based on Three-phase Onboard Battery Charger View Play
A0059 A Novel Circulating Current Suppression Strategy of Parallel Three-level Inverters in Flywheel Energy Storage System with Zero-sequence Voltage Injection View Play
A0061 Novel Dead-Time Compensation Strategy for Voltage Integrity Based on Complete Switching State Analysis View Play
A0069 Weak Grid State Identification Based On Current Spectrum View Play
A0071 Adaptive Nonlinear Speed Tracking Control of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor View Play
A0096 An Active Damping Method with Differential Feedback of Filter Capacitance Voltage for LCL Filter Based Grid-connected Inverters View Play
A0104 Study on Parameter Sensitivity in High Power Sensorless Induction Machine Drive View Play
A0108 A Current Optimization Strategy for a Hybrid DC Transformer with MMC Structure and Series-connected Switches View Play
A0109 Reactive Power Optimization Strategy of Wind Farm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm View Play
A0130 A Novel Force Control Method for Dead Centers Tracking of Free-Piston Linear Generator View Play
A0135 Deadbeat Robust Current Predictive Control for Induction Motor with Nonlinear Integral Sliding Mode Observer View Play
A0136 A Zero-sequence Current Suppression strategy for Five-phase Open-end Winding PMSM with Vector Proportional Integral Controller View Play
A0143 Study on the Effect of Composite Sleeve on Rotor Loss of High-Speed PM BLDC View Play
A0154 Digital Twin Approach for IGBT Parameters Identification of a Three-Phase DC-AC Inverter View Play
A0155 Hybrid Four-segment-mode Model Predictive Control for Open-winding PMSM Drives with Zero Sequence Current Suppression and Fixed Switching Frequency View Play
A0179 Research on Stator Iron Loss of Ultra-high-speed Permanent Magnet Motor for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Air Compressor View Play
A0184 Simulation of Permanent Magnet Motor commutation compensation system based on SMO View Play
A0216 A Torque Ripple Minimization Voltage Harmonic Calculation Strategy Considering Harmonic Injection Accuracy View Play
A0225 Thermal Analysis of Integrated Power Supply in Parallel with Si IGBT and SiC MOSFET Inverter Based on PLECS View Play
A0230 A hybrid PWM method for three-phase voltage source converter based on equivalent model View Play
A0236 Fault Diagnosis and Location Approach of Modular Multilevel Converter Based on Dual One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network View Play
A0240 Analysis of High Step-up Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter Based on Coupled Inductors View Play
A0247 Flux Weakening Control of PM-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machine Based on Extended State Observer View Play
A0255 A Novel Measurement and Compensation Method of Inverter Nonlinearity for Linear Induction Motor View Play
A0262 Single-Sensor Based Low-Cost Current Control in SRM Drives for Electric Vehicle Applications View Play
A0265 Analytical Model of the Parallel-Connected Silicon Carbide MOSFET Switching Behavior Under Asynchronous Gate Signals View Play
A0280 Position Sensorless Startup Scheme for PMSM Drives with Single Current Sensor View Play
A0302 Analysis of High-temperature Parasitic False Turn-on in a SiC MOSFET Half-bridge Circuit View Play
A0303 Factors Influencing the Accuracy of Switching Characterization for SiC MOSFET View Play
A0305 Ultra-Local Model-Free Predictive Current Control for PMLSM drive systems with Moving Horizon Estimator View Play
A0320 Simplified Carrier-Based Space Vector Modulation Scheme for the Modular Multilevel Converter View Play
A0329 Experimental Investigation for Switching Characteristics of SiC Based Voltage-Reverse-Blocking Devices in CSI View Play
A0332 An Online Fault-Tolerant Optimization Strategy of Copper Loss for Dual Three-Phase PMSM drives View Play
A0334 Deep Q-Network based Adaptive Robustness Parameters for Virtual Synchronous Generator View Play
B0125 Noise Optimization of High-Speed Permanent Magnet Motor by Stiffeners View Play
B0159 Research on Winding Coefficient and Cogging Torque of Few-pole Fractional Slot Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor View Play
B0237 An Improved High-Frequency Signal Injection Sensorless Control Based on Luenberger Observer for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives View Play
B0244 Torque Prediction of Magnetic Gear considering 3D Axial Leakage Flux by Equivalent Magnetic Circuit View Play
B0256 Control strategy for self-bearing dual stator solid rotor axial flux induciton motor View Play
B0299 Analysis of Losses and Torque of Permanent Magnet Vernier Motor with Flux barrier on Rotor View Play
B0304 The Control Strategy of the Multi-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine under the Unbalanced Grid View Play
B0311 Position Sensorless Control and Real-time Commutation Delay Compensation of a Micro BLDC Motor View Play
B0313 A Review of In-Wheel Motors for Electric Vehicle Propulsion View Play
B0328 Online Efficiency Prediction of Induction Motor using Model Reference Adaptvie Method View Play
C0036 Comparison and evaluation of the thermal performance between SiC-MOSFET and Si-IGBT View Play
C0057 Design of Self-Driven Evaporative Cooling System for Traction Converter View Play
D0004 Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid-Electric Propulsion UAVs View Play
D0164 Hierarchical Control Strategy for Hybrid Heavy-duty Trucks Considering Equivalent Hydrogen Consumption and Fuel Cell Life View Play
D0284 An Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis And Location Method For Dual Active Bridge DC/DC Converter View Play
D0300 Analysis of Energy Storage Participation Policies in an Electricity Market Environment View Play
E0034 General Analytical Model for Electromagnetic Performance Prediction of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors View Play
E0213 The Small-Signal Stability Analysis of the Interacted Co-Phase Traction Power Supply System in Electric Railway View Play
E0220 Research on Control Strategy of Voltage Source Active Damper Based on Droop Control View Play
E0286 Steady-State Modeling for LCC Resonant Converter with Phase Shift Modulation Based on Simplified State Trajectory View Play
F0285 A Three-Phase-Module-Parallel Si & SiC Hybrid Inverter with Smaller Filter Size and Low Cost View Play
G0170 Field Weakening Strategies to Suppress Intermediate dc-dc Conversion Stages in Hybrid Construction Machinery View Play
J0120 Simultaneous Wireless Power and Data Transfer System With Full-Duplex Mode Based on Dual-Resonance and Resistance-Based Duplexer View Play
J0157 Three-Coil-Based Single-Stage Inductive Power Transfer Converter with Voltage-Sigma Architecture for Battery Charging Applications View Play
J0199 Stability Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer System Based on Extended Describing Function View Play
M0293 Exploring the Development of Railway Equipment Technology from the Perspective of Standardization View Play

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