Publication Policy

Conference papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore and EI Compendex only if all three of the following requirements are satisfied: submit all publication materials, pay at least one regular registration, and present the work at the conference. Authors who are unable to attend and present their work must pay attention to special instructions in either C2 or C3.
A. Submit publication materials
The author must submit the final version of manuscript through the paper submission system on the conference website before Sept. 15th, 2022. In order for your paper to be accurately referenced in main scientific databases,please provide index terms (3 to 8) taken in the IEEE Taxonomy. IEEE requires that all PDFs to be included in IEEE Xplore should be validated through IEEE PDF eXpress. Authors are encouraged to use the free IEEE PDF eXpress system to convert and check their files.
B. Pay regular registration fee
An author must pay a regular registration fee before Sept. 15th, 2022.
(Due to the payment channels, the deadline for payment of international authors is extended to September 30). Reduced registration fees (i.e. student registration, etc) are not considered regular, and will NOT be accepted for publication. NOTE: Each regular registration entitles an author to publish one paper. An additional fee is required for each additional paper.
C. Present the work
Presentation is defined as one of the following:

In person
1. By author: Ideally, the primary author will attend the conference and present their contribution. This is the classical way of participating in conferences. Authors and conference attendees gain the greatest professional benefits. 
2. By colleague: If an author cannot attend, then a qualified colleague may present the paper. A qualified colleague is one who is familiar with the technical field, and is capable of discussing the issues. NOTE: A regular registration must be paid by at least one author of each paper. This applies even if a qualified (non-author) colleague is an author of another paper in the conference.


New requirement for all poster papers: In order to let all virtual attendees can access your poster contents, the on-site poster author also need to:

  • Submit an E-form poster ready for printing
  • Submit a video presentation less than 5 minutes long

The deadline of submission is no later than Oct 20th, 2022. These are all for posting on the conference site. The preparing method for video is given in The submission system is coming soon.

3. Virtual authors: Authors participating through our virtual system should have submitted a virtual regular registration, and:

  • For oral papers: the author must attend at least one of the virtual technical sessions during the conference, including the one in which the paper is to be presented (we hope to arrange these in the afternoon for attendees from Europe and Africa and in the morning for attendees from the Americas). The time schedule of virtual technical sessions will be announced later, although the intent is to make all sessions accessible through the virtual system.
  • For poster papers: the author must submit:
    • An e-form poster ready for printing
    • A video presentation less than 5 minutes long

The deadline of submission is no later than Oct 20th, 2022. The conference program committee will review the presentation, and then the poster will be mounted in one of the Dialogue Sessions. Requirements for making posters are the same as on-site posters. The preparing method for video is given in These are all for posting on the conference site. The submission system is coming soon. In case the video presentation and poster are not received or are inconsistent with the initial digest, then the paper will be considered NOT PRESENTED.

NOTE: A regular or virtual regular registration fee must be paid for each paper. Papers that do not meet all three requirements (1, 2, and 3) will not be submitted for either IEEEXplore or EI Compendex. No registration refund will be given for papers not presented. 
In accordance with the above policies, IEEE ITEC-AP 2022 will publish and distribute preliminary Proceedings at the conference. No-show papers will NOT be accessible from IEEE Xplore. No-show papers are copyrighted, however, and carry provisions of the IEEE Copyright Agreement.

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