The conference site is the Zhejiang University International Campus. The campus main entrance (South Gate) is at 718 East Haizhou Road, Haining, Zhejiang, China. The campus hotel is located at the east end of East Tangnan Road (West Gate), Haining.
1. Railway
  • You may arrive at Linpingnan Railway Station or at Haining Xi Railway Station on the high-speed rail lines. You can get to the venue via the Hangzhou-Haining Intercity Railway. From Linpingnan Railway Station to the venue, the journey is 39 minutes, at a cost of 9 yuan. From Haining Xi Railway Station to the venue via the Intercity line takes 29 minutes and costs 8 yuan. 
  • If you choose railway stations in Hangzhou, taxi service is available to conference site, but the duration is about 80 minutes and expect to pay at least 200 yuan plus highway tolls. From Hangzhou subways, travel to the Coach Center on line 1 and transfer to line 9. Travel four stations and transfer to the Hangzhou-Haining Intercity Railway at Linpingnan Railway Station. The complete journey will take about 70 minutes and costs about 15 yuan. 
  • Some travelers elect to arrive at Tongxiang high-speed railway station. A taxi from there to the conference site takes about 38 minutes and costs about 80 yuan. We recommend the Intercity Railway as a better option from Hangzhou and from the high-speed line.
  • Parking is readily available on campus at no cost to travelers electing to drive from locations throughout the region. You will be requested to submit vehicle license plate details to facilitate entry through campus gates.
2. Air  
  • Hangzhou International Airport (Xiaoshan)
      Taxi: The airport pick-up taxi is located outside Gate no.10, arrival floor, Domestic Terminal. The cost is about 180 yuan from the airport directly to the venue. 
      Coaches: The cost is about 50 yuan to central Haining city, followed by a shorter taxi or city bus ride to the conference site.
      Train/Subway: Get to Coach Center on Hangzhou subway line 1 and transfer to line 9. Travel four stations and transfer to Hangzhou-Haining Intercity Railway at Linpingnan Railway Station. Cost from the airport is about 17 yuan.
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
      Taxi: The taxi pick-up point is located outside the arrival floor of Terminal 1 and on the south side of Gate 4 on the arrival floor of Terminal 2. Expect about 400 yuan from this airport to the venue.
      Train: Transfer to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station on subway line 2 and take a high-speed train to Haining Xi Railway Station. Then transfer to the conference site. The total cost is about 150 yuan.
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
      Taxi: The cost is about 520 yuan from the airport to the conference site.
      Coach: There are intercity coaches directly to central Haining.


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