About Haining

Haining, a city and county in Zhejiang province, is part of the Jiaxing prefecture-level city. Haining is in the northeast potion of Zhejiang Province, on the north bank of the Qiantang River and Hangzhou Bay, with a total area of 863 square kilometers. Haining is a birthplace of Liangzhu Culture. Archaeological data show habitation dating to at least 7000 years ago. The city was named by the emperor Chen Wu of the Southern Dynasty in 558 A.D. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through the city. Multiple expressways connecting Shanghai to Hangzhou and Hangzhou to Shanghai-Pudong, Jiaxing to Shaoxing, and the outer part of the Hangzhou Ring roads run through. The major Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail line runs through, although the Haining Xi stop is far from the city center. The  Hangzhou-Haining Intercity Railway has operated since July 2021. Economically, Haining is one of China's top 100 counties and one of China's Top 100 Innovative counties.

The Qianjiang tide, a tidal bore, is well-known spectacle. It was commemorated by the famous poet Dongpo Su as “The 18th tide in August, the most spectacular in the world”.

Haining is also famous for its shadow puppet play and famous poets and literary contributors. Well-now citizens include the distinguished scholar Guowei Wang, famous poet Zhimo Xu, and famous writer Yong Jin.

With its superior geographical location and cultural and educational foundation, Haining is building up internationalization. The Zhejiang University International Campus and the emerging Haining Science and Technology Park will gather high-tech talents from all over the world based on a solid existing manufacturing and industrial base.


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